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General information

General information

First What is rosacea?

  The diagnosis of rosacea may seem obvious but sometimes difficult because there are several clinical forms of this disease:


• Purely vascular disease as redness and visible vessels.

• Inflammatory forms of wheal and pustular type. These are typically red and white buttons.

• hypertrophic forms as rhinophyma in the nose

• And purely ocular localizations.


  Rosacea can evolve in three different ways. At each phase match specific symptoms, which can accumulate during certain periods. However, many patients do not develop as vascular original form.


  It is obvious that for any patient, male or female, this chronic disease with redness on the face, especially the nose, combined with large pustules, papules, the same social life with his family, becomes impossible ...


  The dermatologist will treat rosacea first to allow patients to return to normal life, but also professional family. Local care and treatment are effective immediately and calm thrust. Dermatological treatments there can be associated, such as laser on the dilated vessels.


  La Bella Donna states that rosacea is an inflammation of the skin, it means that all health care should be soft and not aggressive. Rosacea is a skin disease that has local treatments and general well codified and effective. It is therefore important to diagnose and follow the advice of a dermatologist.


  The first choice for the rose will be on the LOOSE MINERAL FOUNDATION, a foundation with loose powder.

It offers a solar natural protection SPF 20 to provide protection you need during the day. It respects and cares for your skin with ingredients that are only mineral pigments.

La Bella Donna follows the same philosophy with products that are primarily skin care and the ingredients that are added to mineral ingredients that:

- Respects and protects the skin

- Nourishes the skin

- Beautifies the skin

  If you need more coverage for camouflaging redness and other imperfections use the mineral eraser N°2